Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Be Life-Changing

Accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and other motor vehicles can be devastating. At best, it can damage the mode of transportation you use to get to work every day. At worst, a crash can cause injuries or death. 

If you or someone you love has been in a motor vehicle accident, you may be reeling from loss or hospitalization, medical bills and insurance claim headaches. You need a personal injury lawyer and the one to call is the Piccolo Law Firm, LLC. Walter M. Piccolo is the kind of tough, experienced and effective attorney you want on your side when you’re going up against insurance companies with teams of lawyers. Get the compensation you need to put your life back together. Contact the Piccolo Law Firm, LLC.

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Personal Injury Law Is Complicated

What if:

  • The Personal Injury Protection (PIP) level of your auto insurance policy isn’t enough to cover your medical bills?
  • You were injured while riding in a car as a passenger and don’t have your own auto insurance policy?
  • The motor vehicle accident was work-related? If you were driving or riding in a company truck at the time of the incident, is that a workers’ comp claim?
  • You were riding a bike that was struck by a car?

Personal injury law is complicated. An experienced personal injury lawyer can evaluate your claim, advise you about your options and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. While state law limits injury victims’ ability to sue for damages, there are circumstances in which you can pursue a lawsuit, such as pain and suffering, aggravation of a pre-existing injury and wrongful death.

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